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SAS Tip of the Month

October - Using the Input With a CARDS Statement
September - Delete an External File Using SAS
August - PRELOADFMT IS Your Friend
July - So You Want To Average a List of Variables
June - The Results May Not Be What They Seem
May - Grouping an analysis using PROC FORMAT
April - VBA to print two pages of each document in a folder
March - Example of using LABELs in analysis
February - Combining 500 outputs
January - Dates and Times, how SAS stores them

December - Important Reminders While Programming
November - ADS Specifications
October - Finding and replacing unprintable characters
August - A SAS LOG Checker
July - Adding additional codes to a format
June - The IN operator, and ranges
May - DKROCOND option, an a tale of intregue
April - Adding one observation to a dataset with multile records
March - Creating sets of listings by an ID value
February - Avoiding writing multiple WHERE statements on difference datasets
January - A quick compare of two directories of data

December - Using PROC FREQ to get what you need
November - Pickup up a missing BY statement when merging data
October - Export data to Excel creating a sheet for each BY value
September - Using PROC EXPORT to export data to an Excel file
August - Using PROC IMPORT to import data from an Excel file
July - Using SAS/WPS with R
June - Adding an observation with no values for all variables on to a dataset with no observations
May - Adding an observation number to each observation in a SAS dataset
April - Creating a DOS Batch File for running a set of SAS programs
March - Comment out code using a dummy macro
February - Array calculations
January - An old way to update a dataset, using the MERGE statement

December - Finding the mean, minimum and maximum values for a quartile
November - Including external SAS files in your program
October - Getting a list of formats from a FORMATS library, without detail
September - Suspending LOG output to the LOG
August - Removing dummy records from a directory of datasets
July - Counting the number of COMPLETE months between two dates
June - Creating a list of datasets into a macro variable, and why this may be useful
May - Using variable ranges instead of a list of individual variables
April - Accessing a dataset without a LIBNAME reference
March - LOG and OUTPUT text to one file
February - Breaking apart a dataset using variable values, Part 2
January - Breaking apart a dataset using variable values, Part 1

December - How to track and avoid values being overwritten when merging datasets
November - Capturing Results from a SAS Statistical Procedure, Using PROC PRINTTO and a Data Step
October - Capturing Results from a SAS Statistical Procedure, Using ODS
September - Getting what SAS code is run in CONFIG and AUTOEXEC to the LOG
August - How many values are in a macro variable?
July - Sending an Email from SAS
June - If no observations to report, output a message saying "no observations" to the report
May - Another detour to VBA --a macro to convert all RTF files in a directory to ASCII Text files
April - SOURCE2 -- printing out source code from a %INCLUDE file
March - Creating a footer with a horizonal line above using GETOPTION
February - A detour into VBA -- printing the first 2 pages of an output for all RTF files in a directory
January - A very useful macro, PROC CONTENTS followed by a listing of the first 25 observations

December - And finally, PROC PRINT with SUM, BYLINE and HTML!
November - PROC PRINT, ID and BY statements
October - Using NOOBS and LABEL in PROC PRINT
September - A Quick Look at WPS version 2.5 -- a real alternative to SAS?
August - Using ACCESS=READONLY to avoid writing over datasets in a directory
July - Breaking a large dataset into parts
June - Generating a list of integers from 1 to 10 inclusive
May - Making a datastep act like a PROC APPEND
April - Get the Option settings and use in your program
March - DROPing and KEEPing variables using the DATASETS procedure
February - Does the NODUPKEY option is PROC SORT always select the first record in a group of records?
January - How can an external file be deleted using SAS

December - A Many to Many Merge using a Data Step
November - Looping the loop with DO loops
October - The Use and Abuse of the NODUPKEY option in the SORT Procedure
September - Comparing all datasets in one directory against all the datasets in a second dataset, using CALL EXECUTE
August - Selecting data for a particular month
July - I am missing a '0' in front of my day value, can SAS still read it okay? (or can SAS read a text date of '6JUN2009' correctly)
June - Prefixing a value with '+' or '-'
May - Why use dataset variable labels?
April - More on using a FORMAT to merge data
March - Delete all datasets in a library, except ...
February - Getting rid of the message "NOTE: BASE data set does not exist. DATA file is being copied to BASE file."
January - SUM(OF variables)

December - Making a copy of a SAS dataset, Part 2
November - How would I set only character or numeric variables of an observation to missing?
October - Making a copy of a SAS dataset, Part 1
September - Character to Numeric Conversion
August - Numeric to Character Conversion
July - How would I set all variables of an observation to missing?
June - Making a SAS Transport File
May - Creating a Batch File
April - Transposing the data and label
March - Get a listing of all the SAS programs for a particular directory
February - Enclosing a negative value within brackets
January - Stripping (text)

December - The CALL MISSING Routine
November - The MISSING function
October - Renaming a SAS dataset variable
September - Since when does a null string have a length of 1?
August - I just received a dataset with the dates in dd/mm/yy format but I want them in mm/dd/yy format for my report
July - The COLLATE function
May - What SAS modules are on your system, and how to work around those that are missing
April - Removing labels and formats from all variables inside a dataset
March - Deleting old datasets using a date
February - The trig functions
January - FLOOR, CEIL, ROUND and INT

December - Creating a graph using ODS RTF
November - Using the DHMS function to create a datetime value
October - Using CARDS or DATALINES to input data
September - FORMCHAR
August - Does the string contain a number?
June - Why use DATA _NULL_
May - Does x+y = SUM(x,y), revisited
April - Six ways to make your program run faster
March - SQL and the CALCULATED keyword
February - TRIM and TRIMN
January - Four Common Ways to Merge Two Datasets

December - The CANCEL option in the RUN command
November - The DIM function for repeating the same action of different variables
October - The COMPARE function
September - Getting the last word in a string using SAS or Excel
August - Using SASHELP.VMACRO to view your macro variables, and %SYMDEL to delete them
July - Deleting a SAS dataset, revisited
June - Using PROC CHART to do a quick frequency analysis
May - The Variance results from SAS and Excel are different!
April - Finding a duplicate key record, Part II
March - The 2005 Conference Season begins
February - Sometimes, overwriting a dataset does not replace it
January - How does SAS store your date and/or time?

December - Does x+y = SUM(x,y)?
November - An example of some unexpected results
October - Does a macro variable exist in your program?
September - Adding a value to an existing format
August - Common Mathematical Operators
July - Getting the background color from an Excel Worksheet cell
June - BYTE/RANK (this is not eating a hamburger)
May - The 2004 Conference Season begins
April - Getting a Cell Comment inside an Excel Worksheet
March - Finding a duplicate key record
February - FIRSTOBS=, OBS=
January - A BAT to create a Backup of your file

December - SAS and Excel do not compute the same quartile value
November - Using a format to group basic statistical analysis
October - Coding a missing value
September - Sometimes your System Command Call within SAS does not work
August - COMPRESS or COMPBL, that is the question
July - Placing Unique values from a dataset into a macro variable
June - Share your datasets with others, consider the SASViewer
April - Deleting a SAS dataset
March - Helping a SORT run faster
February - To avoid confusion, define the variables you create in a datastep
January - Introduction/Have a notebook handy

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