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SAS Tip of the Month
September 2014
(for SAS)

When running a SAS program in Batch mode, SAS does produce a lot of output in the SAS LOG. There is a temptation to limit this output so the SAS LOGs are not so big by turning off the MPRINT, MPRINTNEST, MLOGIC, MLOGICNEST, SYMBOLGEN and SOURCE2 options. However, in doing so you limit the documentation saying what the program did at each stage – it is impossible to say with accuracy what code generated which message in the SAS LOG. A good auditor will ignore the SAS program code and go directly to the SAS LOG when looking at when the program was run and what the code was – program code can be easily manipulated, SAS LOGs are more difficult.

Best practice, turn these options on and produce as much as possible to the SAS LOG.

Hope this is useful. See you next month.

Updated September 2, 2014