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SAS Tip of the Month
July 2014
(for SAS)

Your program has a variable that is coded as 1=YES and 2=NO with an associated format called YN. Now there is a new value of 3=DON'T KNOW in your data but the format YN has not been changed. In your reporting program you can create another format, in this example YNX, using the following code:

   proc format;
      value ynx
         3="DON'T KNOW";

A better way though, avoiding transcription problems, is to make the new YNX format by nesting the old format YN into the new as shown in the following code:

   proc format;
      value ynx
         3="DON'T KNOW"

Note that you must enclose the existing format name in square brackets, as shown above, or with parentheses and vertical bars, for example (|yn.|).

Hope this is useful. See you next month.

Updated July 2, 2014