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SAS Tip of the Month
May 2014
(for SAS and WPS)

I recently had to solve an issue where the output dataset did not contain all the variables that the KEEP statment produced -- by default a WARNING message at least should have come out in the SAS LOG, but it was not there.

One of those options that is not used very often is the DKROCOND options which specifies the level of error detection to report when a variable is missing for an output data set during the processing of a DROP=, KEEP=, or RENAME= data set option -- by default it is WARN but other values can bee ERROR or NOWARN. In the case I had to look at the option had been set to NOWARN, used by a programmer to deveoplment to avoid the SAS LOG containing WARNING messages.

While there are cases where options are set for good reason, other options should be treated with caution, this being one of them. The moral of the story, don't change default system options without good reason.

Hope this is useful. See you next month.

Updated May 2, 2014