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SAS Tip of the Month
January 2014
(for SAS and WPS)

So you have some new data and you just want to see there is more observations than last time -- maybe some thought the the data was smaller or the same?

Here is a little piece of code that will help -- I have two directories of data, both referenced by the libnames TUAI_NEW and TUAI_OLD:

   *Setup and set libnames for the old and new data;
   options date;
   *Get Dictionary information from VTABLE in the SASHELP directory for the two libraries
    keeping only the number of observations;
   proc sort data=sashelp.vtable out=_old0 (keep=memname nobs);
      by memname;
      where libname='TUAI_OLD';
   proc sort data=sashelp.vtable out=_new0 (keep=memname nobs);
      by memname;
      where libname='TUAI_NEW';
   *Merge the two sets of information renaming the number of observations in the
    TUAI_NEW library;
   data _all0;
      merge _old0 _new0 (rename=(nobs=_nobs));
      by memname;
   *Use PROC PRINT as a tool to generate the report;
   title1 "Quick Compare of Old Data vs New Data";
   proc print data=_all0 label noobs;
      var memname nobs _nobs;
      label memname='Dataset'
            nobs='Obs in Old Data'
            _nobs='Obs in New Data';

This piece of code will write a quick report of the number of observations of each dataset in the two libraries referenced.

Hope this is useful. See you next month.

Updated January 2, 2014