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SAS Tip of the Month
November 2013
(for SAS and WPS)

I was reviewing some SAS code recently and I spotted a mistake that every programmer makes at sometime -- when merging two datasets in a datastep, the BY statement is missing, as the following example demonstrates:

   data mergeddata;
      merge dataset1 dataset2;

If we look at the SAS LOG the following (or similar) will appear:

   250  data mergeddata;
   251     merge dataset1 dataset2;
   252  run;

   NOTE: There were 10 observations read from the data set
   NOTE: There were 9 observations read from the data set
   NOTE: The data set WORK.MERGEDDATA has 10 observations and 2
   NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):
         real time           0.00 seconds
         cpu time            0.00 seconds

There is no indication that there is a potential problem, infact there could be a very serious problem. If a BY statement is missing, the two datasets will be matched by observation number, so the first observation in dataset1 is matched with the first observation in dataset2, and so on. It can be shown best with the following data:

   Dataset1                   Dataset2            mergeddata

   Obs    name         sex    name         age    name         sex    age

     1    Alexandra     F     Alexandra     15    Alexandra     F      15
     2    Bailey        F     Bailey        16    Bailey        F      16
     3    Blake         M     Caroline      16    Caroline      M      16
     4    Caroline      F     Dominic       13    Dominic       F      13
     5    Dominic       M     Jose          17    Jose          M      17
     6    Jose          M     Justin        18    Justin        M      18
     7    Justin        M     Melanie       15    Melanie       M      15
     8    Melanie       F     Oliver        15    Oliver        F      15
     9    Oliver        M     Sydney        14    Sydney        M      14
    10    Sydney        F                         Sydney        F       .

As can be seen the resulting dataset is worthless at best.

There is an option called MERGENOBY that has been around for some time that can issue a warning or error message to the SAS LOG if in a datastep that is merging data with a MERGE statement has no BY statement, and has the following options:

Specifies that no warning/error message is issued. Unfortunately this is the default.
Specifies that a warning message is issued.
Specifies that an error message is issued.

As a matter of course I have the option MERGENOBY=WARN in my programming so that if I forget a BY statement then a WARNING message will appear, you should to.

See you in December!

Updated November 2, 2013