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SAS Tip of the Month
October 2013
(for SAS and WPS)

Last month we created an Excel spreadsheet with a single tab. The question was asked if it was possible to make different tabs for each sex? The short answer is yes, but this month I will show a method that can be adapted for many splits of the data.

Lets get our data again:

   data student;
      length name $20 sex $1 age 8;
      input name $ sex $ age;
   Alexandra F 15
   Bailey    F 16
   Blake     M 18
   Caroline  F 16
   Dominic   M 13
   Jose      M 17
   Justin    M 18
   Melanie   F 15
   Oliver    M 15
   Sydney    F 14

The request is split this by sex, so the first thing to do is get a list of the unique sex values and put these in a macro variable:

   *Get unique list of SEX values;
   proc summary data=student nway;
      class sex;
      output out=_freq1 (drop=_type_ _freq_);
   *Build macro variable list of unique SEX values from last step;
   data _null_;
      length sexlist $10;
      retain sexlist;
      set _freq1 end=eof;
      if _n_=1 then _sexlist=strip(sex);
      else _sexlist=catx(' ',_sexlist,sex);
      if eof then call symput('_sexlmac',strip(_sexlist));

I could have used a PROC SORT call rather than a PROC SUMMARY, or I could have done all of this in one step using a PROC SQL call, but I wanted to show here that there are more than one way of getting a list. For those of you asking what the PROC SQL call would look like, see below:

   proc sql noprint;
      select distinct sex
        into :_sexlmac separated by ' '
        from student;

Now lets see what the code would look like to put the data into a spreadsheet by SEX value, now what we have put the unique values into a macro variable:

   %macro tmp;
      %do %while(%scan(&_sexlmac,&i) ne );
         data subset;
            set student;
            if sex="%scan(&_sexlmac,&i)";
            drop sex;
         PROC EXPORT DATA=subset
                     DBMS=EXCEL REPLACE;
         %let i=%eval(&i+1);
   %mend tmp;

If you had already created the spreadsheet from last month, this data will append the two tabs onto that spreadsheet.

See you in November!

Updated October 2, 2013