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SAS Tip of the Month
September 2012
(for SAS and WPS)

When I run some programs, I don't want all the program run to be reflected in the SAS LOG. An example is where I may bring in a FORMATS.SAS file that contains the formats I need to run in the program using a %INC statement.

But what it I was to temporarily suspend output to the SAS LOG for a brief time? The following example will show a way of achieving this:

   %put Include FORMATS.SAS file;
   proc printto log="nul:" new;
   %inc ".\";
   proc printto log=LOG;

The first PRINTTO call sends all LOG statements after this to a file that does not exist, includes the SAS program, then resets the LOG output to the default SAS LOG output file.

This tip is useful if you have a large set of code that is always run and you do not want included in the SAS LOG. However it is always important to remember that not sending a program LOG to a file that you can read runs the risk of you not being able to see what a program is doing, therefore missing potentially serious programs that can affect the ouput.

Hope this is useful. Have a safe and happy September.

See you next month.

Updated September 06, 2012