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SAS Tip of the Month
July 2012
(for SAS and WPS)

Counting the number of COMPLETE months between two dates can be easily calculated using the following code:

   months = intck('month',date1,date2) - (day(date2) < day(date1))

The INTCK function counts the number of months between DATE1 and DATE2 using the MONTH value in the first parameter of the INTCK call. However, this can still cause a problem if the day number of the first date is after the day number of the second date which means a complete calendar month has not happened -- in order for this situation to resolve correctly, a check of this is made in the second part of the equation resulting in a '1' for TRUE and '0' for FALSE. See below for and example that shows this code in use:

   data _null_;
      infile cards;
      input @1 date1 date9. @11 date2 date9.;
      months = intck('month',date1,date2) - (day(date2) < day(date1));
      put date1= date9. date2= date9. months=;
   14APR2012 13MAY2012
   14APR2012 14MAY2012
   14APR2012 15MAY2012

   date1=14APR2012 date2=13MAY2012 months=0
   date1=14APR2012 date2=14MAY2012 months=1
   date1=14APR2012 date2=15MAY2012 months=1

Try the code yourself and see how it works, and also see what happens if you take out the "(day(date2) < day(date1))", or swap the two dates.

See you next month.

Updated July 7, 2012