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SAS Tip of the Month
May 2007

Want to know which SAS modules are loaded on your system? Try the following SAS code and look at the log:

    proc setinit noalias;

Not every site has all the SAS modules, if fact there are very few - at last count there were 30+ separate modules available and the odds that all the SAS modules are on your system is remote. This is important as sometimes when I am creating an output I want to test which SAS modules are loaded on a system, and depending on what is available the program will do one process or another. You can test if a module is loaded or not using either the SYSPROD or %SYSPROD functions. The following example demonstrates its use:

    %if %sysprod(STAT)=1 %then %do;
        %*STAT module loaded then run macro using PROC TTEST;
        ... more SAS statements ...
    %else %do;
        %*STAT module not loaded - use TTEST from R;
        ... more SAS statements ...
Updated May 1, 2007