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SAS Tip of the Month
January 2016
(for SAS)

Sometimes in a text string we are processing there is a tab, linefeed or carriage return character (or characters) in the text. Removing them can be challenging, but here is a piece of code that may help:

   * Check each byte in string until no more
     non-printable characters are found. A
     non-printable character is defined outside
     the ASCII set 32 to 126.;
   do i=1 to lengthn();
      if not(32<=rank(substr(,i,1)<=126) then
       substr(,i,1)=' ';

There is another way that is usually seen in references on the subject that use the NOTPRINT function that is quicker to process as it only does a subsitution if a non-printable character is found. For the purposes of this function the results depend directly on the translation table that is in effect (see TRANTAB= System Option in SAS National Language Support (NLS): Reference Guide) and indirectly on the ENCODING and LOCALE system options:

   do until(_flg=0);

      *If a non-printable is found, replace with a space;
      if _flg>0 then substr(,_flg,1)=' ';

Hope this is useful.

Updated January 2, 2016