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SAS Tip of the Month
April 2007

Occasionally the dataset I am working with will have labels and formats associated with it but I want to clear these attributes and just work with the raw data. The following example of code removes all labels and formats for the dataset DEMO in the directory referenced by the LIBNAME WORK:

    proc datasets lib=work nolist;
        modify demo;
            attrib _all_ label=''; *Remove labels;
            format _all_;          *Remove formats;

Conference season is starting this month with the SAS Global Forum in Orlando, FL, USA, followed by the SAS Forum in Stockholm, Sweden in May, and PharmaSUG in Denver, CO, USA in June. While these are the big ones there are a number of other local and regional meetings throughout the world at different times of the year. I urge you all to support your local, regional or national group during the coming year.

Updated April 1, 2007