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This small section deals with ODS RTF.

In SAS version 8, SAS introduced the ability to output the tables, listing and figures we produce into a "production ready" format. Some of these formats are HTML and PDF, but the one that I will concentrate on here is RTF, a format that is familiar to those who use Microsoft Word and similar processors. Below are a few papers that I hope will help in learning about the ODS RTF world and hopefully make you want to try it out. These examples you can grab and try them yourself.

  • "Ma, How Long Do I Cook the Turkey For?" (or "Show me a Table and a Graph done using ODS RTF!")
    This was a presentation where I was asked to give an introduction to ODS RTF and merge it in with the subject of turkeys -- this presentation was widely regarded as the best introduction to ODS RTF that the programmers attending had seen on the subject...
    <Paper> <SAS Code> <RTF Output>
  • A basic Demographics (DM) and Adverse Event (AE) analysis
    <SAS Code> <DM Output> <AE Output>
Updated June 14, 2009