David Franklin
Principal Statistical Programmer at Everest Clinicial Research
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David Franklin

Primarily a SAS Programmer since 1986 have worked extensively in a Biostatistics environment covering areas including Data Management, Analysis Dataset development, Reporting and setting of standards. I have an extensive background in Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV clinical trials, as well as experience in non-clinical studies reporting events. Companies have included many of the blue-chip companies in the industry.

My skill set includes validation of data; SDTM and ADaM development; ODS RTF, PDF and LISTING style output production of tables, listing and graphs; macro and tool development for standardization; presentation of papers at internal and outside settings; and mentorship of those new to programming.

I constantly keep up with current trends by attending relevent conferences, incluing PharaSUG, and reading relevant updated from CDISC and industry leaders. Recently have expanded by skill set to include R, RStudio and Python.

More about me

About Me

I started programming in 1981 using a Sinclair ZX 81 and developed programs, including one that was a database for Wool Bales, in the land known now as "Middle Earth". After finding the way to surface I worked in Europe and later found my way to New England which I now call home. Since 2004 I have been a frequent presenter at user conferences and is also the editor of original TheProgrammersCabin.com and an in-house SAS Users Monthly Newsletter call the SAS Telegraph.

Outside of programming, I travel, am very involved in Scouting BSA at a district and local level, aviation history, Ham radio and photography.


Updated March 9th, 2022